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Rebekah. Im inspired by glances and hurricane winds and all in between. I will indubitably always have film needing to be developed. the love child of rocky mountains bred with hilly woodlland. Currently living in Baltimore, Maryland USA

Palace of the Winds in Jaipur, India

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Outrageously Scary Bridges from Around the World

These bridges aren’t just scary, they’re crazy scary. If you plan on visiting the following countries anytime soon, you can try your luck on some of these bridges that are open to the public. If the locals use them, what danger could there possibly be? Well, I don’t know about you but I think I would pass on several of these. It’s not so much about a fear of heights as it is a fear of death…falling off any of these bridges would most likely kill anyone.

In order as pictured above:  Hussaini Bridge, Borit Lake, Pakistan; Canopy Walk in Kakum National Park, Ghana; Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado, United States; Hanging Bridge of Ghasa, Nepal; Millau Bridge, France; Aiguille du Midi Bridge at Mont Blanc Mountain, France; Capilano Suspension Bridge, British Columbia, Canada.



Neutral Milk Hotel — Oh Comely

Oh comely, I will be with you when you lose your breath, Chasing the only meaningful memory you thought you had left.

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